Executive Director Emeritus Wes Daily Email Wes Daily
Executive Director Ron  Hampton Email Ron Hampton
Deputy Director Lou Savelli Email Lou Savelli
President Mayna Santiago Email Mayna Santiago
Vice-President Julio Defigueiredo Email Julio Defigueiredo
Secretary Chris Stafyleras Email Chris Stafyeras
Treasurer Ron Holvey Email Ron Holvey
Trustee Bill Paglione Email Bill Paglione
Director of Membership Nancy Petrara-Stafyleras Email Nancy Petrara-Stafyleras
Director of Technology  Gillian Burkett Email Gillian Burkett
Parlimentarian Leslie Anderson Email Leslie Anderson
Training Coordinator MAGLOCLEN Patricia Borrelli Email Patricia Borrelli
New Jersey State Chapter President Eddie Torres Email Eddie Torres
New York State Chapter President Aaron Collington  Email Aaron Collington
Pennsylvania State Chapter President Bill Chalfant Email Bill Chalfant
New England Chapter President Kevin Mailman Email Kevin Mailman
Delaware State Chapter President William Schmid Email William Schmid
Carolina Chapter President Johnny Hawkins Email Johnny Hawkins


Web MasterAnthony RuscianoEmail Anthony Rusciano
Director of Special Projects and GrantsMelissa JohnsonEmail Melissa Johnson
Intelligence Committee ChairmanEdwin TorresEmail Edwin Torres
Social Coordinator and Special ProjectsSonji PowellEmail Sonji Powell
Social Coordinator and Special ProjectsStephanie TreadwellEmail Stephanie Treadwell
Social Coordinator and Special ProjectsJosephine CorbiscelloEmail Josephine Corbiscello
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Rikers Island Representative Vacant  
Rikers Island Representative Vacant  
New Jersey Central Chapter Vice President Edward Bobel Email Edward Bobel
New Jersey North Chapter Vice President Stephanie Treadwell Email Stephanie Treadwell
New Jersey South Chapter Vice President Lonell  Jones Email Lonell  Jones
New Jersey Chapter Corrections Vice President Melissa Rogers Email Melissa Rogers
New York Southern Tier Region Vice President Kevin Moore Email Kevin Moore
New York – Metropolitan Region Vice President Steven Lundquist Email Steven Lundquist
New York – Capitol Region Vice President Vacant  
New York – Buffalo Region Vice President Hector  Alicea Email Hector  Alicea
Pennsylvania Chapter Eastern Region Vice President Brian Harting Email Brian Harting
Pennsylvania Chapter Western Region Vice President Amber DiFranco Email Amber DiFranco
Pennsylvania Chapter Central Region Vice President Tom Regester Email Tom Regester
Delaware South Chapter Vice President Jason  Pires Email Jason  Pires
Long Island Chapter President Vacant   
Western New York Chapter President Moses Robinson Email Moses Robinson
Delaware North Chapter Vice President Hugh Ferrill Email Hugh Ferrill
New England Region Maine Chapter Vice President Jason Champlin Email Jason Champlin
Capital Region Chapter President Roger Williams Email Roger Williams
New England Region Massachusetts Chapter Vice Pres Kim  Saladino Email Kim  Saladino
New England Region Vermont Chapter Vice President Eric Patno  Email Eric Patno
New England Region New Hampshire Chapter Vice Pres William Wright Email William Wright
New England Region Rhode Island Chapter Vice Presi Joe Forgue Email Joe Forgue
New England Region Connecticut Chapter Vice Presid Greg  McDonald Email Greg  McDonald
Pennsylvania Chapter Western Region Intel Tonyea Curry Email Tonyea Curry
Pennsylvania Chapter Department of Corrections Vic Vacant
Pennsylvania Chapter Central Region Intel Greg Servello Email Greg Servello
New England Region Chapter Intel Jordan Sorrell Email Jordan Sorrell
Carolina Chapter Southern Vice President Elbert Pearson Email Elbert Pearson

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