What is a gang?

A group or association of three or more persons who may have a common identifying sign, symbol, or name and who individually or collectively engage in, or have engaged in, criminal activity which creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Criminal activity includes juvenile acts that if committed by an adult would be a crime. Definition taken from the 2005 NAGIA National Gang Threat Assessment (pg 66) where it is identified and explained.

Why do people join gangs?
People join gangs for numerous reasons. Usual reasons include: fun, excitement, a sense of belonging, a need for attention or status, companionship, intimidation, peer pressure, financial gain, protection and a failure to understand what being in a gang really means.
How old are gang members?   
Age's range from 14-26; however gang members have been seen as young as 8 years of age and as old as 40 or 50. The older members may have gained status as an OG (original gangster).
What are the consequences of living the gangster lifestyle?
Just to name a few: Increased possibility of becoming injured or killed, enhanced risk of drug and alcohol addition, gang related crimes result in enhanced penalties and sentencing, and risk putting family and friend in harms way. 
Do gangs consist of all racial backgrounds and genders?
YES. All racial backgrounds and both male and female genders belong to gangs. Many gangs that pose as cultural organizations reveal their true tendencies only after you are accepted into the gang?
Are there any consequences if you belong to a gang and try to get out?
Consequences can range from beat outs / jump outs that inflicts serious harm to the person trying to leave, harm to one's family or friends, and even death. ALTHOUGH CONSEQUENCES SEEM HARSH MANY GANG MEMBERS HAVE LEFT THEIR GANG UNHARMED. REMEMBER THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT IF YOU ARE INVOLVED.
Is it true that most of these gang members are just WANNA BE's?
The wanna be's are soon to become gonna be's. The wanna be's have the most to prove and sometimes are more violent than the established gang member.



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Head’s up: There’s a new weapon out there

Calibre Press
Author: Calibre Press

By Duane Wolfe

Throughout the academy, into your FTO phase and up to today you have been trained to look for, identify and appropriately deal with weapons you might find at a scene and on the people you deal with daily.

Over time the types of weapons officers encounter have remained consistent; hands and feet, blades, blunt objects, firearms and a variety of “weapons of opportunity.” You and your partner’s ability to spot those…


NY cop shot, gunman killed in shootout

Author: Calibre Press

Nicole Brown amNewYork

NEW YORK — An NYPD cop was shot in the hand in a struggle with a domestic violence suspect, who was later killed by an officer, on Staten Island Tuesday morning, Commissioner James O'Neill said.

The female officer was one of four attempting to arrest the suspect after police received an 8:20 a.m. call from a woman reporting that she was the victim of a past domestic assault, O'Neill said.

The woman had…


2 teens get 30 years in murder of Md. officer

Author: Calibre Press

Tim Prudente The Baltimore Sun

BALTIMORE — Two of three teenage co-defendants were sentenced Monday to 30 years in prison for their roles in the murder of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio.

A county judge handed down prison terms of 30 years and suspended life sentences for Derrick Matthews, 17, and Eugene Genius IV, 19, both of East Baltimore. The third teenage co-defendant, Darrell Ward, 17, is scheduled to be sentenced…


How to influence law and policy makers

Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D.
Author: Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D.

California’s Governor signs a bill removing the good citizen requirement to assist a police officer. Oregon’s Governor signs a bill reducing the chances for the death penalty to cop killers. A New Hampshire bill proposed this year would have restricted law enforcement officers' use of deadly force. Illinois proposed banning the use of chokeholds, and New York wants to outlaw stop and frisk.

Since Ferguson, various states have…




Police Chief - City and Borough of Wrangell

Author: Wrangell null
The Wrangell Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Police Chief beginning September 17, 2019. The position is open until filled. Review of each application for potential interview will begin immediately upon receipt. The City & Borough of Wrangell is seeking a dynamic leader for the Police Department with a proven record of Community Policing. Wrangell is one of the safest ...

Office Specialist III - Hennepin County

Author: Minneapolis MN
THE POSITION The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCCR) is looking for an Office Specialist III to work at the County Home School. The County Home School is a state-licensed residential treatment center for juveniles ages 13 to 18, who have been committed by the court. This position requires flexibility, strong decision-making and organizational skills, ability to prioritize ...

Police Officers - Memorial Villages Police Department

Author: Houston TX
The Memorial Villages Police Department is looking for experienced officers to fill our ranks. Duties will include but are not limited to enforcement of municipal and state laws. Traffic enforcement, as well as accident investigations. Criminal Investigation filing charges and case preparation. Warrant service, and transports. Attendance of special community activities and participation. Extensive training ...

Motor Carrier Compliance Officer and Cadet - Georgia Department of Public Safety

Author: Atlanta GA
Are you are interested in a rewarding career as a certified law enforcement officer specializing in commercial vehicle safety enforcement?If so, the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) is hiring capable, competent professionals who possess the ability to interpret and enforce complex laws, rules, and regulations specific to commercial vehicle and driver safety.Ensuring that commercial motor carriers ...


How law enforcement can prepare for mobile killers

The Midland and Odessa shootings on August 31, 2019, show just how difficult it can be for law enforcement to stop a highly mobile killer.

The suspect in Texas was highly mobile, leaving a trail of mayhem behind him as he drove through two different jurisdictions and fired on innocents at no less than 15 different locations.

If one reckless, impulsive spree killer could cause this much of a disruption in an area that’s not densely populated, imagine what a team of disciplined…


Medical emergencies: 3 things to think about

Author: PoliceOne Staff

Here are three things police officers should consider relative to medical emergencies:

1. Are you ready?

At the very least, make sure you are trained to deliver basic first aid. More advanced is even better. Police are often first on the scene of a medical emergency, so be sure you’re ready to provide preliminary care while waiting for EMS to arrive. This is particularly important if you’re in a rural area where EMS response may be delayed. The aid you’re…


Two ways to improve firearms training

Author: PoliceOne Staff

By Jason Wuestenberg, PoliceOne Contributor

There are two basic fundamental ways for agencies to improve their police firearms training – and both ways are often overlooked.

1. Develop your firearms instructors

Many agency administrators, range masters and supervisors think that once an officer completes a law enforcement firearms instructor course that the officer is now an “expert” instructor who has reached “the pinnacle,” when in fact, they…


Tactical medicine tip: DIY pull tabs

Author: PoliceOne Staff

Adding duct tape pull tabs to your compress gauze, combat gauze, Celox and other packages can make them easier to open while under stress.

Thanks to the Skinny Medic for this tip. Share your tactical medicine tips in the comments below.





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