Executive Director Emeritus

Wes Daily


Executive Director



Edwin Torres

Email Edwin Torres



Julio Defigueiredo

Email Julio Defigueiredo



Christian Flaherty

Email Christian Flaherty



Caitlin Piasecki

Email Caitlin Piasecki



Ron Hampton

Email Ron Hampton


Director of Membership

Nancy Petrara-Stafyleras

Email Nancy Petrara-Stafyleras


Director of Technology 

Gillian Burkett

Email Gillian Burkett



Leslie Anderson

Email Leslie Anderson


Training Coordinator MAGLOCLEN

Douglas Burig

Email Douglas Burig


Conference Coordinator

Melissa Johnson Rogers

Email Melissa Johnson Rogers


New Jersey State Chapter President

Edwin Santana

Email Edwin Santana


New York State Chapter President - Acting

Guilda Tavarez 

Email Guilda Tavarez


Pennsylvania State Chapter President

Joseph Johnston

Email Joseph Johnston


New England Chapter President

Kevin Mailman

Email Kevin Mailman


Delaware State Chapter President

William Schmid

Email William Schmid


Carolina Chapter President

Temperance Bright

Email Temperance Bright



Web Manager

Anthony Rusciano

Email Anthony Rusciano


Corporate Liason

Guilda Tavares

Email Guilda Tavarez


Intelligence Committee Chairman


Social Coordinator and Special Projects

Sonji Powell

Email Sonji Powell


Social Coordinator and Special Projects

Stephanie Treadwell

Email Stephanie Treadwell


Rikers Island Vice President

Rich Troche

Email Rich Troche


Rikers Island Vice President

Eric Harris

Email Eric Harris


Carolina Chapter Administrative Coordinator

LaToya Thomas

Email LaToya Thomas


Carolina Chapter Media Coordinator

Lance Woodard

Email Lance Woodard


Carolina Chapter Coordinator (SC)

Joseph Cooper

Email Joseph Cooper


Carolina Chapter Coordinator (SC)

Ernest Starling

Email Ernest Starling


Carolina Chapter Coordinator (NC)

Charles Cooper

Email Charles Cooper


Carolina Chapter Coordinator (NC)

Christopher Dove

Email Christopher Dove


Carolina Chapter Coordinator (NC)

James Ross

Email James Ross


Carolina Chapter Coordinator (NC)

Bryon Harris

Email Bryon Harris


Carolina Chapter Coordinator (NC)

Anthony Mincey

Email Anthony Mincey





New Jersey South Chapter Vice President

Angel Telado

Email Angel Telado 

New Jersey Central Chapter Vice President

Carlos Pineiro

Email Carlos Piniero


New Jersey North Chapter Vice President

Stephanie Treadwell

Email Stephanie Treadwell


New York Southern Tier Region Vice President

John McLoughlin

Email John McLoughlin


New York – Metropolitan Region Vice President

Idi Guity

Email Idi Guity


Pennsylvania Chapter Eastern Region Vice President

Joseph Johnston

Email Joseph Johnston


Delaware South Chapter Vice President

Jim Wiley

Email Jim Wiley


Delaware North Chapter Vice President

Hugh Ferrill

Email Hugh Ferrill


New England Region Maine Chapter Vice President

Corey Gilpatrick

Email Corey Gilpatrick


New England Region Massachusetts Chapter Vice President

Kim Saladino

Email Kim  Saladino


New England Region Vermont Chapter Vice President

Ron LaFond

Email Ron LaFond


New England Region New Hampshire Chapter Vice President

William Wright

Email William Wright


New England Region Rhode Island Chapter Vice President

Joe Forgue

Email Joe Forgue


New England Region Chapter Intel

Jordan Sorrell

Email Jordan Sorrell


Delaware Chapter Department of Corrections Vice President

Brian Hubbs

Email Brian Hubbs


Delaware Chapter Intelligence Coordinator

Christian Flaherty

Email Christian Flaherty


Carolina Chapter Southern Vice President

Johnny Hawkins

Email Johnny Hawkins

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