An Application Form to become a member of ECGIA can be downloaded on this page or you may submit an online application. Applicants must clearly print or type in all fields on the application form. Applicants MUST provide a valid and unblocked email address on application form. Due to strict SPAM, virus, and email blocks that many agencies/employers are enforcing, please verify that you can receive incoming email messages from our listservers on your work email account. It is best to utilize a private, personal email account. If ECGIA emails get bounced or are rejected from your email account, you will be removed from the Members Only website until another email address can be provided.
Once your application is processed you will be contacted via e-mail with further information about your membership. As a member of ECGIA you will have the benefits of:
  • Access to a private and secure member's only website
  • Access to a member's only message board forum (Secure Listserv)
  • Notification of Training Courses
  • Numerous contacts available to network and exchange information amongst
If you would like to apply to the ECGIA, please download the Membership Form and type in all your information, including a current e-mail address. Remember to include application fee $25.00 per year.
MUST INCLUDE PROOF OF LAW ENFORCEMENT! (Photocopy of Law Enforcement Identification required.) If proof of law enforcement and/or payment is not included your application will be denied until all application requirements are completed.


How do I join the ECGIA?
An application can be found on this page.  A completed application and proof of law enforcement employment can be sent to the address on the application. When a membership is renewed, an application and proof of current employment must also be submitted.
How can I join ECGIA's internet group?
ECGIA's Law Enforcement Only community group is open to all current members of the ECGIA. Once an application is approved, an invitation to join the list is sent to all new members. The processing can take 4 - 6 weeks. It is important to respond to this e-mail invitation, which includes the web site URL and members’ registration code, to activate your account. If you have technical problems signing into the ECGIA Web Site please contact one of the ECGIA managers at ECGIA Managers
Will anyone see my e-mail address or have access to an ECGIA mail list?
When you send a message to the Group it can be seen by all ECGIA Group members. When they reply you will receive the reply as well as all other members. The list of members is not viewable by anyone outside of the ECGIA Group. No one else will see the members list.
I am a current ECGIA member and I have changed my e-mail address who do I contact?

If you do not have a current and valid e-mail address you will not receive ECGIA related information. We recommend updating your e-mail information as soon as possible to avoid any interruption with your ECGIA web site messages.  Members can update their information by clicking here  ECGIA Director of Membership to send an e-mail. Please remember to include your name, current e-mail address, organization, and contact information in this e-mail.

Are there rules for using the ECGIA Group?

Yes there are Rules and Regulations that must be followed when using the ECGIA Community web site. A detailed list of these rules is provided to each new member that joins this association.

How much does membership to ECGIA cost?

A one-year membership is $25.00. Membership can be paid by check, credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express), money order or voucher.  When a renewal is sent in, an application and proof of current employment must also be submitted.



If you are not a member you must fill out an application first and submit membership dues to be approved!

Mail completed Application Form and Membership dues to:
90 W. Afton Ave
Suite 181
Yardley, PA 19067
Have a Membership Question?
Contact ECGIA


All applicant information is keep strictly confidential and will be used solely for membership identification and security purposes. ECGIA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and suppression of gangs and gang activity. By completing and submitting this application, the applicant agrees to adhere to the ECGIA By-Laws. Applicant attests that he/she is at least 18 years of age as of this date and a Sworn Law Enforcement Official or a Criminal Justice Professional. The ECGIA Executive Board reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone and/or to suspend any member for violating the ECGIA rules and By-Laws.

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